Chris Gibson's Lands End to John O Groats Obsession June 2003
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Welcome to my site, I am glad to be able to say that I have completed my obsession.
The trip was 890.94 miles, and took one week 16 hours and 20 minutes.
I arrived in John o groats Friday 13th (!) at 10.20am, tired....relieved.....had enough.... want my life back now.... and with a bit of pride that I actually managed it!
Thanks for all your support throughout my trip, to all the sponsors and to the regular daily calls from People like the chefs at Burnley Football Club, who rang me every day and shouted "WHERES GIBBO?" down the phone, to my brother paul who rang every afternoon, to my mates P.C. and Dave Keating who kept me going in the afternoon. Big thanks to Mum and Dad (George and Anne) who have spent the last four days either booking B&B's or waiting for me in a car park somewhere, that is before we all drove the 480 miles home in one go from JOG today. Also a big thankyou to the out-laws (sorry in-laws) Geoff and Margaret, who gave me a memorable night in Bridgenorth (If that is possible!) And also a big thanks to Uncle Harry and Aunty Margaret, who took me to the start from Penzance station and gave me that important hour head start, which was a great psycolgical boost.

1. There are lots of dead animals on Britains roads,I passed...Rabbits/Birds/fox/Deer/Beaver/Squirrel/Rats&Hedgehogs
2. The worst road surfaces were in and around Bristol
3. There is absolutely no way cycles should be allowed on the A74 between Carlisle and Gretna, we drove back down it tonight, you still think you are on the motorway.
4. The A30 in Cornwall is not much better, definitely hair raising on a bike
5. I reckon I passed over 500 wheel trims in Scotland, that had been knocked off cars that had tried to squeeze through gaps too tight
6. It is possible to go from an occaisional cyclists to an end to ender in a few months, but you need to be able to sit on a bike for most of the day without getting a sore bottom. You also need to have a bit of conviction to carry on when your thighs are screaming at you to stop!
7. Take longer than I did. One week 16 hours and 20 minutes is great, but I have seen very little. I remember e-mailing a chap called Lee HArgreaves who had done it in Nine days and he said he wished he had taken longer, I agree
8. B&B's in Scotland are excellent. Every night the bike was given pride of place in the owners garage, they all contributed to the charity, and two of them even offered to oil my chain in the that's service!
9. THe feeling as you get to John o groats is one of mixed emtions, immense relief that you can stop now, a bit of satisfaction & pride that you have proved you can ride from one end of our country to the other, a bit of a sense of anti-climax, you want about a thousand people clapping you home,and the mayor to be holding the finishing tape which you storm through at 35 mph. In reality, it was raining, I was tired, There was nobody really around at the finnish, so it was a quick photo and pack the bike up into the back of the car (I would gladly of thrown it in the sea at that point). I went to sign in at the Hotel, but it was closed, so I didn't hang around, sent a couple of postcards and that was that!



I write this on Saturday June 14th having just read that Ian Abberley had a fatal accident near the start of his charity end to end ride last week.
I had become acquinted with Ian through "the ultimate list of end to end sites" we had been e-mailing each other, comparing preparation notes, and generally sharing our thoughts and experiences. It was with great sadness that I read in a national newspaper today of this tragic accident. Ian was raising money for the premature baby unit at his local hospital, after his daughter Phoebe was born wighing under 2lbs last year. Ian told me the ride was a good way to celebrate his 40th birthday.
My thoughts go out to his freinds and family at this difficult time.
We have had a count up last night (Mon June 2nd) and can tell you all that the sponsorship was £1,964, just £36 away from the magical figure I set out to raise.
Today I have had over £100 so we are now on our way to ‚£3,000!!!
Please keep sponsorship coming and remember, every last penny to the charity!




The Headings are the day, miles for the Day, Average Speed for the day, minutes actually pedalling, minutes out on bike, and a percentage comparrison of pedalling against minutes out on bike











Many Thanks to some Very Generous Sponsors
I would like to use this space to thank a few people who have helped me out or donated generously:-

A Big thankyou to

FTF From Burnley
Thwaites Brewery
Ray Griffiths
Michael Bailey
Michael and Jane Taylor, next door!
Martin Hobbs, Director Burnley F.C.

All the above have given VERY generously

Andrew From Northern Citrus Products in Blackpool for some Lucozade Sport Powders
Dean Ramsdale, the Leisure and Community manager at Burnley F.C. for lots of advice, encouragement and the use of the wonderful Stadium fitness facility at Burnley F.C.
Tony and Graham from Bowker BMW in Accrington for some great raffle prizes
Dave & Sarah Keating for a great raffle donation
Mum & Dad for picking me up from John O'Groats
Geoff & Margaret (the in-laws) for a nights support en-route
Edoardo Abis, the marketing manager at BFC for the help with this website.
Peter Smith From Buy-a-bike, the largest independent cycle warehouse in Europe for lots of support and advice.
Big thankyou to Dean and Caroline in the Club Shop at Burnley F.C. for taking time out from the year end stock take to print my cycling jerseys up, Dean, you done good!
Biggest thankyou of all to Sarah, (better half) for allowing me to do this ride, and to Matthew and Alex who have agreed to be without Daddy for a few days, (well a few more won't make that much difference!)

Please feel free to send me an e-mail on the following address

My Usual form of Work Transport, before I discovered Cycling!

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